The Descendants of
Thomas Bowerman and Hannah Annable, Pioneers

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We do not wish to cause any harm or hardship to any member of our family and related families. Therefore we have excluded in the on-line listing all persons who are living and tried to limit the listing to those who have been dead for thirty or more years. With our present programs this is most easily done by listing only certain generations from the root person. Typically the last generation listed on-line would have been born in the 1870s and died before the 1970s.

Grandparents in Canada have a right to know the names of their grandchildren. Therefore we will only provide information about children to their grandparents. Any grandparent requesting information needs to identify themselves, their parents, and grandparents. If we are satisfied with the identity of the requesting person, we may supply the data. However we reserve the right to refuse any request, or to ask for further information

This data covers the first five generations (Thomas to Ichabod) of the Bowermans (also Boreman, Boardman, Bowman, Burman, etc.) in North America, starting with the settling in Cape Cod, and ending for some with the move to Dutchess County in New York, or other frontier areas in the American colonies, and for others, the onward move to the Bloomfield area of Prince Edward County in Ontario after the American Revolution.

Thomas was a carpenter from England (some sources say London). Records show that he was in in Plymounth, Massachusetts in 1632. Thomas and Hannah were married sometimes in the 1642- 46 time period. They had seven children.

The data has been gathered from various sources other than my own family records, namely: Lorne Shunk of Toronto, Ontario, Robert Bowerman of Rhode Island, Carolyn Louise (Creager) Alexander of Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Gordon Bowerman of Norwich, Ontario. Credits in the notes give most of the sources. I consider the four mentioned above giants in Bowerman research.

Ichabod Bowerman was a great-grandson of Thomas. He had two wives, Lydia Pretty and Jane Richmond. Their 18 children form a huge Bowerman clan in North America. As I cannot be a data keeper for all the clan, I concentrate on my direct ancestor, Jonathon, a child of Ichabod and Jane. If you are a descendent of Jonathon and Sarah, we would welcome your data.

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